A successful potty training schedule in just 7 days. Our system is designed to be a wonderful gift to help them along the way to encourage and support your little one. Incl. colourful stickers, useful tips for parents and bonding activities. Make it fun and engaging for kids. It’s a win-win system that makes everyone’s happy.

Potty training Tips


Our one week potty training is a consistent training program has proven to be successful with lots of families.

Potty Training Box
"By following all the steps in the Potty training box we conquered the potty training in just 7days"

Potty training in one week

Imagine, your baby will be potty trained in just 7 days. Stress-free on the road, saving money and being earth-friendly! Discover “Signs your child is ready to potty train” “When is a child considered potty trained?”

Step by step we will guide you through a 7-day potty training schedule  to make it more comfortable for you. The Potty Training Box is just what you need. It takes the stress out of potty training. See our 10 First Steps For Potty Training.

A powerful box to be more confident as a parent. Just follow the guidelines! That’s why you will both succeed in this! What are you waiting for…?



We’re on a mission to take better care of new parents. We design, test, pick, pack, and ship a box full elements to potty train your toddler in just 7 days. (the really good stuff) With professional tips, daily schedule, colourful sticker chart set and more….

Potty training schedule

7 Compliment Cards

14 Time Table

7 Daily Check List

20 Sticker Chart Cards

74 Matching Stickers



Why you will love this PottyTrainingBox?

Of course, you can potty train children without the box, boost the fun factor using this box. It is the complete deal to success. Our box includes praises, a how to guide, 20 different Potty training reward charts , a 7-day program guide and tips.

A Potty Training box full of tips, is designed in collaboration with a professional child psychologist and a specialised child therapist. Their personal experiences as parents has enriched their professional work.

In the training book, we have included everything you need to make to make it more confidence for you and your child. Handy daily checklist as a backup, fun stickers, tasty ice lollies recipes and more. A perfect potty training schedule from 2 years old. 

Our goal is to help you discover the fun in it and support you where we can in just 7 days.

Potty Training Program
*You will save £40 - £ 50 and more than 150 diapers a month.

Children who are toilet trained prior to age 2 or after age 3 have significantly more daytime and nighttime accidents than children trained between the two ages, the study showed.
2,5 year is the perfect age to start.
Let them observe when you are on the toilet and support that. 

What are the benefits?
Kids learn their natural signals faster
Be earth friendly
Much Cheaper
A healthier Skin
More Freedom