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This excellent arrangement of 16 Potty Training Flash Cards is available now. A bright instructive cheat sheet that is the ideal version of your potty training.

We’ve worked with medical specialists to build up these flashcards with clear words and pictures to catch each and every creative mind.

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Set your child up for success
By using the Potty Training Flash Cards, you give your child a fun way to track their progress and encourage him or her to try their best. The Flashcards can be a key motivator to record, and be reminded of their progress moving beyond diapers; being excited is an integral component to a successful toilet training journey.

The best value for you
Recently, we’ve seen an increasing number of parents and teachers discovering our Potty Training Flash Card Set. It is a new way to teach and engage their toddlers. Together with our Potty Training Box, it will be a success! Flashcard learning for children is quite popular as a playful means to introduce children to new words, images or concepts. The benefits of potty training flashcards are that they make it easy to maximize the benefits of repetition and to improve kids’ important (if debated) memorization skills. Read more about this subject here

We donate a portion of proceeds from each purchase to Chance for childhood Charity. By choosing our Potty training box products, not only are you getting an amazing product, but you are also helping improve the quality of life for other children.

5 reviews for Potty Training Flash cards

  1. Emma

    It’s not just him. It’s not just her. Suddenly it becomes a shared, fun experience as you laugh and sing along together.
    The good news is potty training doesn’t have to be a chore. It might even turn into a party!

  2. Arthur

    My daughter is 2. She was so excited to see this kit! She loves the colors and stickers, and she recognizes and can ask for sticker. This kit seems to help motivate her, since she always wants more stickers! I’m really optimistic that this will help her want to use the potty. She already seems to know but doesn’t mind being wet and doesn’t seem to want to stop playing to go potty or get a clean diaper. oy. We have only been at it a few days, I’ll try to remember to update this after a couple of weeks. So far, it seems great!

  3. jordi

    Potty training started yesterday with great success. She’s very excited to put her stickers onto the chart.

  4. Charlotte

    The Flash Cards are of great quality and very large. The large pictures help my daughter understand what is expected of her. She likes to carry the cards around after she goes to the bathroom and points to the pictures. She says I did this (use the potty) and I did this (wipe) and then I did this (flush) and I forgot to do this (wash hands). Then I can say ok make sure you do it next time or ok lets go do that now.

  5. Tee

    This product is exactly as advertised, so I’m pleased. My daughter was intimidated by the size of the card stack & groaned. When she saw they were double sided, she cried. I’m hoping I can make this fun for her by using a reward system. I’d suggest choosing no more than 12 cards for a new/young reader, otherwise they may get discouraged and want to quit.

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